Hey! My name is John and I love body piercings! I fell in love with piercing after seeing how wonderful body jewelry can help people feel more comfortable in their own skin through piercings. It has shown me that each and every one in this world is different and that is BEAUTIFUL! I started getting piercings at 15 and loved the way they made me feel and the whole procedure of receiving them and even the aftercare process!

I have worked many jobs in my life but knew that piercing was the perfect career for me because I come to work every day and it feels the exact opposite of just that, work. I love what I do. I am surrounded by such a talented and motivated group of people who help me push myself to the next level each and

every day I walk into the studio. 

The main reason I love piercing is the clients. I love helping others express themselves through body art and seeing how every person has a different story behind why & where they want something pierced. It makes it all worth it seeing my clients eyes light up knowing that I helped achieve their piercing goals.

My favorite piercings to do are flats! There are so many different styles, placements, and designs I get to work with while doing them which provide endless possibilities.

Besides piercing, some of my loves are shoes, music, anime, and movies!

I'm sure we will have plenty to talk about! 

I strive to provide the highest quality and experience to all my clients while they are in the studio with me! I hope to see you all soon and I cannot wait to service you!

Services Offered


Ear Piercings





*Forward Helix


*Daith (Coming Soon)

*Rook (Coming Soon)

Anti-Tragus (Coming Soon)



Facial Piercings 

Eyebrow (Coming Soon)


*Septum (Coming Soon)


Oral Piercings



Other Piercings


*Nipples (M/F) 


Other Services

Downsizing Jewelry

Jewelry Changes

Piercing Check Ups

Ear Curation

Jewelry Removal

* Starred Piercings are Anatomy Specific*

The decision to go forward with the piercing will be at the discretion of the piercer.