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News & Upcoming Events

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Sundays just got a whole lot inkier! 🖋️✨ Our tattoo studio is now open on Sundays, and the good news doesn't stop there – bring a friend and both of you enjoy 15% off your ink masterpiece! 


Jhary, Jay and Kyote will be offering 20% off for Walk Ins on Wednesdays!


MALIBOOSMILEZ will be giving away free tattoos to help the push for a cease fire over in Gaza. 

Use link below to sign up for the free tattoo along with designs and information


Valentine's Day Flash Weekend!

February 9, 2024 through February 11, 2024

Jhary, Jay and Kyle Will Have Flash Available All Weekend!

Can not be combined with any other special offers.

March 1st through March 3rd

Smiley, Ace, Jhary, Jay and Kyle will be at the Atlanta Tattoo Convention!

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