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Aftercare Instructions
Aftercare Instructions

Traditional Healing

1. After 3 hours, remove the bandage gently and wash with warm water & Chakra’s Tattoo Wash.


2. Apply a thin film of Chakra Healing Balm or Aquaphor 3 times a day for the next 3 days. After 3 days, use a lotion like Chakra’s Tattoo Lotion or Unscented Lotion until skin returns to its pre-tattoo condition

3. Stay out of the sunlight and tanning booths until tattoo is healed.

4. Do not soak tattoo in tub, sauna, Jaccuzi or go swimming while your new tattoo is healing.

5. Do not rub or pick the treated area while its healing.  Loss of color and/or infection can occur

6. Extreme sun and exposure over the years can and will fade your tattoo.  This can be minimized by using a strong sunscreen, at least SP60, once your tattoo is healed.

7. Your tattoo should heal in 14-21 days.  Consult a physician if any signs or symptoms develop such as the following redness at site, green/yellow discharge (foul smelling)and/or fever. Should you have any questions please call us at 732-970-4121.


Aftercare products can be purchased in the shop or in the online shop

Saniderm Application Instructions

1. Clean and dry the new tattoo (DO NOT APPLY LOTIONS OR OINTMENTS)

2. Cut the bandage to size, leaving room for about 1 inch of the bandage to be in contact  with undamaged skin around the tattoo

3. Peel off the paper backing of Saniderm to reveal the adhesive side

4. Ensure skin is in a neutral position and gently apply over the tattoo

5. Remove the plastic backing, leaving only the Saniderm bandage

6. In 8-24 hours, depending on how much the tattoo bleeds, remove the bandage, clean and dry the area and apply the second piece of Saniderm

7.The 2nd piece can be worn for 3-6 days.  Apply a third piece as needed depending on how  much the tattoo bleeds or weeps.     

For application video and tips visit

Do's and Don'ts During the Healing Process


  • Do follow the aftercare instructions given to you by the shop and your artist

  • Do use the aftercare products your artist instructs you to use

  • Do reach out to your artist or the shop with any questions you may have during the healing process

  • Do protect your tattoo from the sun! 

  • Do use strong sunblock's, at least SPF60 or stronger after tattoo is healed.


  • We do not recommend using A+D for healing your tattoos

  • Do not soak your new tattoo in water, (at least 4-6 weeks)

  • Do not go into any bodies of water with new tattoo, which include oceans, lakes, ponds, rivers, pools, etc. (at least 4-6 weeks)

  • Do not use sunscreen on a fresh tattoo while healing.

  • Do not pick at or itch your new tattoo

  • Do not wear any skin tight clothing on newly tattooed areas (leggings, compressions sleeves, rash guards, etc.)

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