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Chakra Tattoos Policies

Deposit Policy

  • When you leave your deposit you are agreeing to all of our policies. In addition, agreeing that you are trusting your artist to design a custom piece just for you!

  • Your deposit is non-refundable and non-transferrable

    • Meaning you are the only person that can use the deposit

    • Your deposit stays with the artist you booked your appointment with 

      • can not be transferred from artist to artist

  • The ways that your deposit would be forfeited

    • You did not call/email 48 hours prior to your appointment to reschedule

    • You show up 30+ minutes late to your appointment

    • You do no show up to your appointment

    • You cancelled your appointment

    • Any major change your design changes (new theme), or placement changes

  • If you make multiple appointments with different artists each artist requires their own deposit

Rescheduling/Cancellation Policy

  • You can reschedule your appointment up to 2 times

    • To reschedule we need 48 hours notice

  • If you need to reschedule a 3rd time you would need to leave a new deposit at the artists new/current rate (not the rate you booked your appointment at)

  • If you cancel your appointment completely your deposit is forfeited (see above)

Reference Image Policy

  • Once you receive your confirmation email with your appointment date and time you will need to reply to this email with reference images as well as a description about the piece you spoke about with your artist.

    • When replying to the confirmation email please make sure your reference images are clear and high quality photos 

  • Reference images are just images for your artist to reference while creating your custom design

Design Policy

  • You will receive your designs from your artist upon arrival to your appointment. 

    • Small design changes can be made once you see the designs. 

    • No major design changes can be made the day of your appointment such as complete design change as your deposit may be subjected to be forfeited.

    • For our clients who are getting cover ups please remember parts of the design are there to effectively cover up your current tattoo.

Touch up Policy

  • Chakra Tattoos offers one free touch up to all of our clients who got tattooed with us within the first year of you getting tattooed.

    If you do any of the following you will no longer be eligible for your free touch up

    • You did not call/email 48 hours prior to your appointment to reschedule

    • You show up 30+ minutes late to your appointment

    • You do no show up to your appointment

  • If you are no longer eligible for your free touch up you will have to leave a deposit for your next touch up appointment and be charged for the session

Back to Back Sessions Policy

  • If you have a multiple session piece you may schedule your sessions back-to-back days if your artist approves this request, based on the design and style of the piece. 

  • Rescheduling Back-To-Back Sessions

    • We need 48 hours notice to reschedule your appointment. 

    • You have the option to reschedule one appointment or both appointments. 

    • If you choose to reschedule both appointments you would not be able to reschedule again after that without leaving a new deposit

  • If approved and choose to schedule back-to-back sessions things you need to keep in mind 

    • You may be swollen and tender in the area that was tattoo

    • You may experience increased fatigued or irritability the second session

    • You may be more sensitive to pain during the second session

  • If you experience any of these symptoms or choose to not come in for your second day your deposit would be forfeited

Pregnancy Policy

  • You can not be tattooed if you are pregnant, for your safety as well as the baby’s safety. 

  • If you find out you are pregnant in between the time you book your appointment and your actual appointment please give us a call to reschedule your appointment.

    • You may reschedule your appointment for after childbirth and once cleared by your doctor. This reschedule would not be held against you or count towards your 2 times you are able to reschedule.

Waiting List Policy

  • You can be added to the waiting list once you have left a deposit and have an upcoming scheduled appointment. 

  • When your artist receives a cancellation/reschedule that meets your required amount of hours you will receive a phone call to see if you are able to come in on the new possible date. 

    • If we call you and there is no answer we will leave you a voicemail, we typically give you 30 mins to 1 day to get back to us (time is dependent on how far in advance we know of the opening). 

      • If your voicemail box is full you will be skipped over and taken off the list.

    • Sometimes this may be a few weeks in advance other times it may be the day of the appointment. We try to give you as much notice as we possibly can.

  • When you are on the waiting list we will notify you up to 3 separate dates before you lose your spot on the waiting list.

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